With the target clinical specifications defined on this page as the goal, the System Engineering of the Covid India Ventilator (CIV) is being executed on a war-footing.

The primary aspect of the Pneumatic Circuit configuration is developed with the following key considerations:

  1. Mandatory and Spontaneous Modes of operation are considered in configuring the system design
  2. Medical Compressed Air Lines may not be available in some facilities. Hence, a Blower is used to generate the air flow
  3. Oxygen Enrichment is important in Covid situations. Hence, oxygen and air blending feature, with FiO2 sensor is included
  4. Ensuring certain exhalation “Bias Flow” is medically critical in mechanical ventilation. Hence, valves and actuation is configured to address this.
  5. Appropriate safety and filtration requirements are included.
  6. Comfort of patient during exhalation is important, and hence the baseline airway pressure (BAP) is planned to be actively controlled.
  7. Closed suction performance is valuable in Covid situations, and that is being facilitated by the design

A first draft of the Covid India Ventilator pneumatic schematic is shared below:

CIV Pneumatic Circuit rev01
CIV Pneumatic Circuit rev01


The mechanical packaging and enclosure design is developed with the following considerations:

  1. Pneumatic circuit efficiency & electronics components layout
  2. Easily visible HMI and resistive touch screen for operation with gloved/wet fingers
  3. Light weight (< 7 kg) and small sized (350 mm x 280 mm x 170 mm) system with good thermal and noise management
  4. Easily cleanable external surfaces with medical, or soap water solutions.
  5. Ergonomically designed for easy operation by doctors and nurses familiar with existing ICU ventilators, to minimize re-training of staff
  6. Robust structure to ensure structural and functional integrity even in certain shock, drop, vibrations exposure

A glimpse of the model is shared below:

CIV CAD Model Rev01 View 1
CIV CAD Model Rev01 View 1
CIV CAD Model Rev01 View 2
CIV CAD Model Rev01 View 2



The system configuration is still being evolved considering the challenges in availability of the right medical grade components. Hence, the configuration will go through revisions in the further development cycle.