Curated Links & References

For all stake-holders of Low Cost or Open Source or Covid Ventilators, a valuable treasure trove of research papers, YouTube Videos, Articles and repositories is compiled below. Amongst the high volume of forwards and media articles, this is a curated collection highly recommended for absorbing by involved members, to ensure that their teams are able to deliver on Ventilator promises to COVID-19 patients.

Ventilator reviews & curated media links

  1. Peer Reviewed Research Paper on Open Source Ventilators: “A review of open source ventilators for COVID-19 and future pandemics“, Joshua M. Pearce
  2. Evaluation and Rating of Open Source Ventilators by Robert L. Read, Keeshan Patel, and Juan E. Villacres Perez, 2020
  3. A wonderful BBC Future article, “Covid-19: The race to build coronavirus ventilators”  highlighting the Covid19 emergency, and the ventilator differences is worth a read!
  4. Just ‘Engineering’ ventilators, can be dangerous: A Guide To Designing Low-Cost Ventilators for COVID-19
  5.  Open Source Ventilators Game Changer
  6. History of Ventilators by


  1. Understand mechanical ventilation with this clear explanation video (1 of 5 in series) by Dr. Roger Seheult. Includes a discussion on simplifying the different modes of ventilation and ventilator settings (based on volume, pressure, rate, flow, O2, CPAP) and other vent basics.
  2. Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation, A short course on Theory and Application of Mechanical Ventilators, Robert L. Chatburn, BS, RRT-NPS, FAARC, Case Western Reserve University

Governing International Standards

  1. Go deep into the Lung Ventilator operation modes with this standard: ISO 19223:2019(en) Lung ventilators and related equipment — Vocabulary and semantics
  2. Most Critical Standards for Mechanical Ventilators Qualification Testing (!)
    1. ISO 10651-4:2002: Lung ventilators — Part 4: Particular requirements for operator-powered resuscitators (Revised 2019)
    2. ISO 10651-6:2004: Lung ventilators for medical use — Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance — Part 6: Home-care ventilatory support devices
    3. ISO 80601-2-12:2020: Medical electrical equipment — Part 2-12: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of critical care ventilators

Note: The above resources will obviously be limited in some sense and will always be WIP! So, please do contact us ( and share any other relevant information regarding COVID-19 ventilators that may be beneficial to this community as a whole.