Design Approach

The Timetooth Differentiation

To save precious lives suffering from respiratory challenges due to COVID-19 infection, the Indian hospitals are going to need a huge volume of Mechanical Ventilators in a very short time and at a low cost. To address the global need, many companies and teams have begun initiatives.  Some of the challenges with these initiatives are shared below:

  • Full Featured Ventilators: Produced by large companies with global supply chains already with their hands-full; Expensive (Rs 4 Lakh +); Long Lead Times
  • Low Cost Open Source Prototypes: Undergone early Lab-Level/Academic rudimentary testing; None of the ventilators has been tested for the mandatory ISO 10651-5:2006 with artificial lungs; Some are “approved” in India based on some specialist doctor validation only; None has cleared the 5-days duty cycle required for COVID19 patients; most designs are using non-medical grade components (e.g. unreliable Arduino controller boards, non-medical-grade sensors, etc.)

As a solution to the above challenges, Timetooth engineers are approaching this project with following prioritization:

  1. Medical grade development to address appropriate Qualification Test Schedule
  2. Durable design for COVID19 patient duty cycles ( 5 – 14 days at a stretch )
  3. Specially designed for COVID19 specific operational modes
  4. Predominantly Indian sourcing and manufacturing
  5. Low cost
  6. Open source design release
  7. Sustainable Product for longer term









Our approach to this ventilator development is to base our design on a certified, proven ventilator design of Medtronic. Here is a snippet of the press release of Medtronic enabling this initiative:

“Medtronic is publicly posting design specifications for the Puritan BennettTM 560 (PB560) to allow innovators, inventors, start-ups, and academic institutions to leverage their own expertise and resources to evaluate options for rapid ventilator manufacturing”

We sincerely appreciate this great initiative of Medtronic, and will fully adhere to their licensing policies shared with the release. Further, to keep up this spirit, we will further open source our work on this project.


The Timetooth engineering team has successfully developed a Medical Robotic Exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of paraplegics, (Client: Bionic Yantra) which has been granted a US Patent in 2019. The product is already under clinical trials in hospitals in India. Over the last decade, Timetooth engineers have also developed various high-performance mission-critical systems for the Indian Defence (DRDO) and Space (ISRO) programs.

Timetooth aims to draw from its military/medical grade engineering expertise, to develop the indigenous ventilator and take it through rigorous medical grade testing and certification.