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Background & Mission

Our society and economy is facing serious challenges due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. As has tragically happened elsewhere in the world, it is very likely that in the next few weeks and months the Indian hospital systems will become overwhelmed with critical COVID-19 patients. To save precious lives suffering from respiratory challenges due to COVID-19 infection, the Indian hospitals are going to need a huge volume of Mechanical Ventilators in a very short time and at a low cost.

To address this challenge, various teams in India from academic institutions, government
establishments, PSUs, medical equipment companies, Indian conglomerates, MSMEs, young
innovators or start-ups have begun well-intentioned initiatives to contribute by developing Indian
emergency ventilators. The technology and approaches taken by the teams are varied, and the
spectrum of solutions offered is also quite large. There are numerous pros and cons of the
solutions that are coming up.

Timetooth Technologies engineering team identified some challenges and gaps in the solutions
proposed and hence began this initiative. The goal of this project is to engineer and develop a
medical grade, qualification tested, reliable, open source, low cost ventilator with
predominantly indigenous sourcing and manufacturing in a reasonably short time. Overall, the intention is for Indian technologists to make a real difference on the ground by giving COVID-19
patients easy access to mechanical ventilators in Indian hospitals.

Goals of this Website

  • To regularly update all interested parties about the Timetooth Technologies led project for developing a medical grade emergency use ventilator in India to fight COVID-19
  • To seek collaboration partners in this initiative
  • To serve as a common portal in India for communicating about the various COVID-19 ventilator development initiatives in India
  • To serve as a common voice with the Government of India, regulatory bodies, and hospitals on behalf of the COVID-19 ventilator development community
  • To facilitate a blog and forum for exchange of relevant information